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6 Reasons Why We Should Support Ronda Rousey


6 Reasons Why We Should Support Ronda Rousey

6- She left money behind

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According to the Forbes, only in 2015, Rousey reaped 14 million dollars with the UFC, which then positioned her as the third best paid female athlete in the world and the best of the great mixed martial arts in that year. It was not until the meteoric rise of Conor McGregor that an MMA star made so much money. Also, Ronda received $ 217,000 per second in his bout against Bethe Correia during UFC 190, more than the 65,972 best-paid athletes of that year, Floyd Mayweather.

Thus, in 2015 almost tripled the amount won by the current WWE Superstar with the best contract of the company (Brock Lesnar) and received 71 times more than Nikki Bella (fighter best pay) and even exceeded the current contract of the current Universal Champion to do just a handful of appearances a year.

After his debut at the Royal Rumble event on January 28, Ronda gave the following statements to ESPN on this issue:

For that reason, it is not little thing to highlight the contractual situation of Ronda in WWE. Of course, even coming from two hard falls, I will win much more while in the UFC. And yes, your agreement will surely include a sum of seven figures, but we must know how to appreciate the fact that it left behind millions and millions in order to meet the next point.

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