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Ric Flair Talks About Starrcade 2017


Ric Flair Talks About Starrcade 2017

In the above video Ric Flair himself talks about how his daughter lives a night before the Natalya held the steel cage women’s title and all the emotions of returning to Greensboro.

About memories: I have countless memories and all very good from the first time he comes here in 1974. All are good memories and will be one of the stadiums that I will remember with more affection since we filled every Saturday night. Is incredible. One of the best pavilions in the country.”

On the return of Starrcade: “I think it’s great that WWE has brought back Starrcade since it is honoring a tradition and it was certainly a great event for us when we were fighting with WWE in free competition and the one that is honored now speaks about the class that the company has and to give it its place in the collective memory. Is very large.”

On the victory of Charlotte: I am more than proud of her because she has overcome me. I think people have dedicated more to him WOOOOOO! that to me and that does not happen often, it is taking away my role and that can not be … no kidding … I am very proud of her and every day I am more glad that she is making her dream come true.”

On the original wardrobe, number 5: It was ours, it was the wardrobe of the bad guys, the 4 Horsewomen and when I was fighting Dusty against Joe Frasier and I remember even the great referees we had. Those nights will not come back, I remember that the queues of cars reached 25 miles from here. It is very good for wrestling fans.”



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