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Nick Hogan Talks About The Possible Return Of Hulk Hogan To The Ring


Nick Hogan Talks About The Possible Return Of Hulk Hogan To The Ring

Hulk Hogan’s son says his father does not get old to return to the ring, but he believes Hogan’s injury hinders full-time return. TMZ Sports could not talk about whether the return is in progress, but he told Nick Hogan that he wanted to see it.

When asked if Hogan was too old, Nick said his father could still “kick somebody’s ass”. He said that injuries in the past are problems, specifically Hogan’s previous surgery.

He added, “It is not the struggle that is preventing you from returning, it is travel. He just does not want to be on the road all the time.”

He added that part time returns may occur, but Hogan loves to stay at home and does not expect full – time returns to happen.

After being dismissed from the company for his racist statements, Hulk Hogan was trying to erase everything he had heard by WWE, but as such There is a great legend.

Since the situation has already settled a few months ago and over time, there is speculation about the approach between the company and fighter aircraft, and it is rumored that Hulk Hogan can return to the company soon. Both of his daughter Brooke and his current son Nick have supported these guesses and are increasing further but when Hulkstar and he returned to the company they saw what would eventually happen To go.


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