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Brie Bella Talks About Her Husband’s Return


Brie Bella Talks About Her Husband’s Return

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After concussion, it has been withdrawn since 2015. Despite bad news, he has repeatedly stated that fighter planes had not abandoned and he hoped to fight again. His contract with WWE ended in 2018, which may lead him to fight outside the company. Brie Bella was a guest of Lilian Garcia ‘s podcast “Chasing Glory” where she talked about her husband’s return. Here are the highlights…

“In the same way they told him he could not fight again. That same day, he began traveling throughout the United States . In search of doctors, to turn that “no” into a “yes”. There are like 8 doctors who give the seen the good, and do not understand the denial of the WWE, Brie said.”

“Despite the doctor’s opinion, WWE continues to deny Daniel Brian’s return to the ring. We are very close to three years retirement as a professional.”

“I thought WWE is considering it, his comeback. He seeks to return to the WWE ring, that theme caused many discussions in our marriage. Especially while she was pregnant. “We remember that Brie has told Bryan on occasion to keep in mind that he is a father. Similarly, a while ago, I supported him with the idea of ​​fighting outside the company.”

Daniel Bryan last words in an interview with “The Trentonian”.

” I’m trying to get them released on these one of these days . All the tests that have been done to me have yielded magnificent results like any other person who has not had any contusion in his life . It’s all a bit weird. Since the health policy that revolves around bruises is very complex. Right now it is difficult to say. But I’m telling you that the results say I’m better than anyone else . “


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