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8 WWE Backlash Matches That You Did not Remember Happened


8 WWE Backlash Matches That You Did not Remember Happened

8 WWE Backlash Matches That You Did not Remember Heppened

The Backlash may not have the same cache as SummerSlam or Survivor Series but its roots go back to 1999 with unique and memorable encounters. It’s the night that AJ Styles became WWE champion for the first time, the night that Goldberg debuted in the company … To date, 13 Backlash events have been held (14 with this Sunday) and anything It can happen in this mythical PPV. Below, we remind you of eight battles that you may have forgotten.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE World Championship at Backlash 2003

It was the first time that John Cena fought for the WWE world title and Brock Lesnar was the champion. Their confrontation, despite going back to 2003 was as intense as that of 2012 at Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar emerged as the winner after a brawl that hinted at future rivalries between the two.

The Undertaker vs. Ken Shamrock at Backlash 1999

The leader of the Ministry of Darkness and the former MMA measured their strength in the first Backlash in history after weeks of mutual ambushes. The match was a reminder that Undertaker has more than one ace up his sleeve.

Stone Cold” Steve Austin as World Champion and Triple H as IC Champion vs. Brothers of Destruction World tag team championship match Backlash 2001

In 2001 Steve Austin and Triple H joined forces and became known as Two Man Power Trip and decided to go for the tag team champions (Undertaker and Kane). All the titles were in the match including the individual ones, so if they received the account of three they will lose their respective titles. Steve and Hunter were victorious after HHH attacked the “Red Monster” with its characteristic mallet.

Mankind vs. Big Show at Backlash 1999

The first Backlash not only had the Wrestlemania rematch between Steve Austin and The Rock but also faced Mankind vs. Big Show as it happened in WrestleMania. In the second brawl in the engine room that has been seen in WWE. Mankind took the victory by burying Big Show between pipes.

The ECW champion Bobby Lashley Vs. Mr. Mahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga in a handicap match at Backlash 2007

If it were not for this fight Vince McMahon will never have been crowned ECW champion. Lashley, who was beginning to emerge as a great star did not count for a moment but finally had to give up after Umaga did the dirty work and gave Vince relief for the victory.

Shane McMahon vs. Big Show in Last Man Standing Match at Backlash 2001

Backlash 2001 will also be remembered for this match since Shane McMahon bought WCW and beat his father at Wrestlemania he had to fight against Big Show’s loyalty to Vince. The match will always be remembered for Shane’s jump from the screens (more than seven meters) on Big Show.

Randy Orton (intercontinental champion) vs. Cactus Jack in a hardcore match at Backlash 2004

Mick Foley and The Rock tag team at Wrestlemania XX to fight Randy Orton and Batista. After the combat, Mick challenged to Orton (the well-known like assassin of legends) to a hardcore combat by its intercontinental title. The battle was of all less normal and Randy showed him to Foley who also knows how to play in his field. Orton ended up winning and adding the name of Cactus Jack to his list of legends.

The Rock vs. Goldberg at Backlash 2003

The night after defeating Steve Austin at Wrestlemania The Rock thought that there was no one else left that could make him shady until Goldberg appeared on his Raw debut to challenge him. This “Dream Combat” ended the hopes of The Rock, Goldberg won and sent him to Hollywood.


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