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Simon Gotch Talks About The Incident with Sin Cara


Simon Gotch Talks About The Incident with Sin Cara

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Former WWE wrestler Simon Gotch talked with two power wrestlers on a case with Sin Cara during the European tour. He was severely criticized by wrestling fans and his teammates. 

On his debut in Ring of Honor: “I am very happy with my debut in Ring of Honor and with all the hype that my videos have created. I recorded them and edited them myself. I had some problems with the copyright of the song I used and my brother was going to compose another one, but he did not have time, that’s why the duration of the video went from three minutes to one and a half. It was like a self-destruction of myself and it was very strange without the original music, that’s why I took away half of it.”

About The Vaudevillians: “At NXT, we were like a group of friends. Aiden English and I were very clear where we wanted to take our characters. We were joking among everyone who made NNXT possible and forged great friendships, for example, Chad Gable participated in the wedding of Jason Jordan. People think that tag teams should get along with each other, but it’s not common. Think that no one gets into the world of wrestling to succeed in the division of couples. You want to fill the SuperDome or Tokyo Dome, not fight for teams for 500 people in Florida.”

On What happened to Simon Gotch and Sin Cara?: “He threw me with a can of Coca Cola. It was just that. We used to joke between the fighters and Sin Cara I touched a nerve, he reacted this way for a personal situation that I did not know. I do not know how everything happened, I just found myself dipping of Coca Cola Diet. After that I saw that he was coming to beat me and I could stop him. They separated us and later I even congratulated him for his aim because he had hit me with the can in one eye.”

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