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Roman Reigns Talks About His Return to The Shield


Roman Reigns Talks About His Return to The Shield

Roman Reigns talks about some of his words that WWE has posted on the YouTube channel with Corey Graves’ new show ‘WWE Straight to the Source’ (‘Directly to Source’) of presenters, commentators, former fighters.

How do you feel about coming back with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins?

“I feel very good; my life has been a real madness in the last six months and I have not had the opportunity to stop and think and enjoy the good thing that is that we have been together again, Seth, Dean and Me. For some reason it seems that we have been separated for 3 or 4 years but it is only a year and a half, but we have achieved so much each one on our side … It was another part of the transition. Everything went so fast that we did not realize how much we grew up and what we got fighting in singles. We were a group of great fighters but after what we have experienced, coming together again is totally different now, we are a new group.”


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