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Impact Wrestling Pays Matt Sydal’s Debut With a British Company


Impact Wrestling Pays Matt Sydal’s Debut With a British Company

Impact Wrestling Pays Matt Sydal's Debut With a British Company

Impact wrestling intervened in the latest controversy surrounding the appearance of Matt Sydal. the Fighter planes were a problem in British independent British championship wrestling that hired an impact fighter, but it was a problem because logistics problems could not be attended. Please be aware that Sydal was one of the most outstanding figures in the show.

According to BCW, they accuse Sydal of fraud and “corrupt the company.” Sydal initially planned to appear at BCW this weekend with two shows, but according to his agent he could not go because he lost the plane because of heavy traffic on the way to the airport.

British companies insisted on $ 1,500 paid to Sydal before the event as a deposit to appear in the battle. While Sydal ‘s agent William Behrens returned his part (of $ 300 paid to the fighter plane), Sydal refused to hand over the remaining $ 1200. Among the reasons given by Sydal to not return what was paid by BCW, the fighter insisted that it was a deposit, arguing that the company was profiting from the image of the show. Sydal also took all the possibilities he was in a show trying to purchase another plane, but welcomes what he could not do. However, there is a possibility that deposits will be applied to other BCW events in the future as well.

For that part, BCW replied that they proposed to pay another plane so that the fighter aircraft could be an event. In addition, in other messages via Twitter, BCW points out that Sydal has not returned because deposit money has already been used. At this point, Impact Wrestling that Sydal belongs intervened. Impact mediated BCW, took control and repaid $ 1200 Sydal refused to return. British Championship Wrestling pointed out the professionalism given by the company of Anthem and thanked for influence.


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