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A New Undertaker Could Reach WWE


A New Undertaker Could Reach WWE

A New Undertaker Could Reach WWE

Enes Kanter with John Cena on house show at Madison Square Garden

The son of the legendary Joe Frazier is now a new student of the school of Heath Slater. And physical qualities certainly do not lack for a potential recruitment by WWE. now this training camp is not news for one of its workers but for one of its new students. Because Zeus Frazier son of the legendary boxer Joe Frazier seems to have decided to opt for the healthy discipline of pankration. Thus, Slater recorded the size (literally speaking also) of his pupil.

Now we are talking about a potential case, but this time coming from a world quite different from that of contact sports: basketball. Because if Shaquille O’Neal made his first steps a New York Knicks player Enes Kanter confessed that he considers devoting himself to wrestling once he retires from the discipline he now practices.

Kanter, nicknamed “The Undertaker” for being a big fan of “The Phenomenon” has even emulated the entry of the veteran gladiator on some occasions.

But his taste for the industry does not stop here and he usually posts pictures with other Superstars like when WWE held a house show from Madison Square Garden in March. Again, he wrote that the “next chapter” of his life will take place in a ring.

And before the confession, Paul Heyman could not resist conjuring a luck of introduction for him very to the style of the one of Brock Lesnar.

Although it is estimated that Kanter’s basketball career is still going long it adds 26 springs and is a cornerstone of the Knicks. In any case, its 2 meters and 11 centimeters high will open many doors within WWE and if his popularity as a player increases with the passage of time the possibilities multiply. How about Big Kanter as a Wrestler name?


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