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AEW Dynamite Review: December 11, 2019


AEW Dynamite Review: December 11, 2019

AEW Dynamite Review: December 11, 2019 by Felix Pichler

Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds (w/ John Silver)

The match didn’t even last 15 seconds as Jon Moxley hit his opponent with the Paradigm Shift for the win. After the match, John Silver entered the ring and went after Moxley, but he also ate a Paradigm Shift. Then, Chris Jericho’s music hit and he came out together with Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara.

Jericho entered the ring while the other members of the Inner Circle positioned at ringside. Le Champion told Moxley to stay cool and noted that they would have attacked him already if that was their intention. He added that they are impressed by Moxley and recalled that Moxley asked him for advice back then when he started in the wrestling business. He also recalled that they bet the shit out of each other and noted that he taught Moxley how to become a main eventer and champ.

Y2J added that he navigated Moxley to AEW and that Moxley once again needs him. The AEW Champion went on by asking if Moxley could imagine how it would be if he joins the Inner Circle. The audience clearly showed and chanted that they didn’t want to see it, but then Jericho took an Inner Circle t-shirt and placed it on Moxley’s shoulder. He told him to think about it and that he should come back to them after the holidays. “No”-chants broke out, but Jericho said that Moxley shouldn’t listen to them as they would know nothing.

Then, a video package which focused on the feud between the Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz was shown.

Opinion: Interesting way to open the show as I didn’t expect Jericho offering Moxley joining his stable. Besides, a good video package which surely helps new viewers to understand why the Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz will beat the shit out of each other later that night.

Rating: A


The Butcher and the Blade (w/ the Bunny) vs. Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall

Ahead of this match, we saw a short video which showed MJF who thanked Cody for being stupid and also wished him luck for this match as he teamed up with QT Marshall. The match itself took about 11 minutes and QT Marshall, as well as Cody, showed some good moves. However, in the end, the Butcher and the Blade performed their finisher and secured the pinfall victory.

After the match, Darby Allin came out to help Cody to his feet who was sitting at ringside.

Opinion: It was logical that the Butcher and the Blade would get away with the victory in this match as they are the new tag team. Meanwhile, I think an alliance of Allin and Cody could work off as both are one of the most loved superstars on the whole roster.

Rating: B


MJF’s promo

MJF and Wardlow made their entrance and entered the ring. MJF told a security guy to come into the ring as he laughed at MJF. He wanted that the guy should kiss his ring, but the security man denied. Due to that, MJF hit him with a CrossRhodes and noted that this move looked pretty good.

MJF recalled that Cody offered him last week stuff and cash for a fight. Anyways, MJF said that he wouldn’t need this crap and added that he would want Cody to suffer. Then, he talked about Cody calling him a Jericho knockoff.

He went on by saying that he thinks about Cody when the word “fake” comes to his mind and added that Cody’s blonde hair would look like a cat pissed on his head. He then talked about Cody’s teeth and his lisp before talking about an actual match between these two and he said: “you’re on!”.

He went on by saying that he had some stipulations which he didn’t want to say in front of this crowd. “I’m in control now, not you,” MJF said before he and Wardlow left the ring. “Because I’m better than you and you know it!”

Opinion: MJF is still beside Jericho my favourite man on the microphone in all of AEW. The way he speaks and how he works with the camera and the audience is just class, but I would love to see a promo with Cody and MJF at the same time in the ring.

Rating: A+


Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura

Since Big Swole just has signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling a few days ago, this was her first match on AEW Dynamite. These two women received enough time to work a solid match as after about 10 minutes Swole hit Emi Sakura with a forearm for the three count.

Then, we saw Pac who got interviewed in the backstage area. He said that he came to AEW for an opportunity and also noted that he would want a rubber match against Kenny Omega since otherwise he couldn’t guarantee what he will do next.

Opinion: The match between the two women was ok but nothing too special. However, I find Swole clearly more interesting than the majority of the other women in AEW’s roster. In this case, video packages would one more help to build and develop her character. The interview of Pac was interesting since he wasn’t that important within the last few episodes.

Rating: C


Kenny Omega and Adam “Hangman” Page vs. Shawn Spears and Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

Shawn Spears wasn’t accompanied by Tully Blanchard, but we saw a promo of Blanchard in which he talked about his partnership with Arn Anderson. Jim Ross said on commentary that Blanchard would look at the moment for a tag partner for Spears. The match itself was really good and entertaining, but after about 10 minutes, the lights went out and we saw Blanchard on the stage. He was bounded on a chair. Joey Janela was behind him. Spears ran up the ramp to free Blanchard and then fought with Janela. Due to that, Kip Sabian was alone in the ring. Page tagged himself in and delivered the Buckshot Lariat for the win. Omega didn’t look that happy about Page tagging himself in what might be the beginning of a feud between these two men.

After that, they aired a promo of Brandi Rhodes who was in a hotel room. She asked how AEW would look like without her. She noted that Riho disappeared from AEW Dynamite and that Britt Baker would be a pathetic groupie (due to Adam Cole). The fan who got cut her hair in the last episode appeared and Brandi added that the offer for Kris Statlander would still stand. Lastly, she said that the family would be nearly complete and kissed the head of a bold person who’s face wasn’t visible as we just saw the back of the head.

Opinion: An interesting way to continue the rivalry between Janela and Spears, but since Blanchard was not at ringside I already thought that something like that would happen. A feud between Page and Omega could be quite intense and interesting. Besides, both men are at the moment a bit lost and due to that, it would make perfect sense. I have the feeling that the storyline around Brandi could really lead to something bigger and I hope so since she is the only woman who gets enough TV time to develop a character and a stable.

Rating: B


Luchasaurus (w/ Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt) vs. Sammy Guevara

Jericho and Hager came out to tell Tony Schiavone and Excalibur to get away from the commentary table. Instead, they took place next to Ross. Jericho talked funny stuff throughout the match, but after about six minutes Luchasaurus performed his finisher for the pinfall victory. After the match, Hager and Jericho headed to the ring. Y2J wanted to throw Jungle Boy out of the ring, but he returned to pin Jericho as Marko Stunt and the crowd made a three count.

Opinion: Jericho was great on commentary, but it took the focus a bit away from the actual match. It was clear that Guevara would once more lose his match and the post-match angle was also funny.

Rating: B+


“Proud n’ Powerful” Santana and Ortiz vs. “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson in a Texas Street Fight to declare the number one contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championships

The Young Bucks made their entrance, but got attacked by Santana, Ortiz and Guevara. Then, also Brendan Cutler came out to support the Young Bucks. Since it was a street fight, the bell rang and the match started on the stage (we also had the falls count anywhere stipulation). Santana and Ortiz made their already typical move as they sent Cutler with a Powerbomb through a part of the stage. Then, we saw how the Young Bucks took out Guevara and Nick performed from the top of the stage a Senton on Ortiz who was lying on a table.

In general, I didn’t count but we saw at least four times that someone went through a table. In the ring, they also especially worked with trash cans and Santana and Ortiz with their loaded socks. We also had an important moment as Hager came out and was at ringside. Nick wanted to hit Hager with a kick, but Hager who moved out of the way and due to that he hit the ref Rick Knox and the referee was taken out. After that, Dustin Rhodes came out and brawled with Hager up the ramp.

Meanwhile, the Young Bucks destroyed Ortiz with the More Bang For Your Bucks. However, no referee was there to make the three count. Ref Aubrey Edwards entered the ring to do so, but Ortiz kicked out. In the end, the Young Bucks delivered the Meltzer Driver on two chairs for the pinfall victory. After the match, the champs Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky entered the ring with their titles to jaw with the winners ahead of their match next week.

Opinion: An amazing main event, but it wasn’t surprising at all since the Young Bucks always deliver and Santana and Ortiz also rarely disappoint. However, I expected Santana and Ortiz to go over as they looked until now mostly stronger in their feud with the Bucks.

Rating: A



A strong episode of AEW Dynamite which also set up enough stuff for next week’s episode which will be great since then we’ll have a break of two weeks. Anyways, the match between Jericho and Jungle Boy will be interesting to watch and besides I expect that Moxley interferes in any way. Additionally, SCU vs. the Bucks for the titles will blow off the rooftop even though we have faces against faces.

Besides, MJF once more delivered an awesome promo and it seems as Cody found a new partner in Darby Allin. I’m sure that they’ll also focus on that feud in next week’s episode.

Rating: B+


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