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Aiden English: “Rusev Gonna Miss u to Brother”


Aiden English: “Rusev Gonna Miss u to Brother”

Aiden English: "Rusev Gonna Miss u to Brother"

The controversy over whether or not Rusev will finally come out of WWE continues. Despite the fact that we recently announced that this will not be the case, the Bulgarian fighter continues to insinuate his departure from the company.

Today, Aiden English posted the following image on their Instagram. This was used by his friend to make the comment we see below. Without really making clear what he is referring to.

A post shared by Aiden English (@dramakingwwe) on

This can mean many things, mainly taking into account that tomorrow the Superstar Shake-Up will begin. When not clarifying it, obviously it makes us think that it continues playing with its exit.

Speaking of the change of brands that are coming, there is no doubt that both could be separated if one of the two is changed to the red mark. Although it is also possible that they stay together despite this.

We will have to see what happens both on Monday and Tuesday, but it would certainly be an important blow for both to separate because if they are triumphing right now especially the Bulgarian, it is thanks to being associated.

It is worth mentioning that the comment box of the photograph has been filled with sad users before the possibility of their separation. Knowing, do you think the change of brands will mean the end of this team?


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