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AJ Styles Retains the WWE Championship at SummerSlam

Image Credit: WWE

AJ Styles Retains the WWE Championship at SummerSlam

Tonight during the SummerSlam. The 4th match of the day was the most important for the SmackDown brand in terms of titles. It ended with Samoa Joe’s victory over Aj Styles for Disqualification, which is why “The Phenomenal” retained the WWE Championship.

The match, full of action, ended when Joe had dominated his rival but decided to take a moment to mess with Styles’ wife, causing the fury and subsequent unrestrained attack of the champion. Because he ended up hitting the Samoan with a chair, the referee made the decision to stop the match with the disqualification that allows him to keep the title to the Georgian man.

The rivalry began once Styles finally beat the Japanese Shinsuke Nakamura. Unrivaled, SmackDown Live’s general manager Paige and the champion themselves arranged a contract signing for whoever would like to become the next challenger, an opportunity taken by force by Samoa Joe. As of that moment, both superstars had hard verbal crossings where the Samoan got involved with the Styles family, including tonight, where he made some comments for Wendy Styles before and during the meeting.

The result meant that Joe could not take the championship despite the victory, and “The Phenomenal One” is still the blue mark’s maximum champion, extending his reign to 288 days that will arrive on Tuesday in the next episode of SmackDown Live. On the other hand, Joe could not capture the championship at his first opportunity, despite having obtained a victory and must wait until Tuesday to claim a new chance


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