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An interesting note about the agreement between WWE and FOX


An interesting note about the agreement between WWE and FOX

cvbdfg4dg - An interesting note about the agreement between WWE and FOXThere are 15 months to start the television agreement between WWE and FOX, a network that will broadcast thereafter SmackDown Live on Friday nights. And few things are left to analyze with the current perspective we have.

However, the Wrestling Observer considers that there will be a before and after for the Wrestling industry. 2019 could be a historic year, and the McMahon Empire itself already suggests a change of paradigm, considering the blue show as its “flagship program”.

But during the last edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Dave Meltzer offered a new and interesting note about it. Because despite the fact that most media report that WWE has won a contract with FOX, in reality, that agreement is ascribed to FOX Sports, one of the divisions of the giant audiovisual company. And here is the difference.

“One of the big issues that nobody talks about the agreement between WWE and FOX and that I did not even know until yesterday, is that the agreement is not with Fox Entertainment, it’s with FOX Sports. I knew that Eric Shanks [FOX Sports president] was at the meeting and I assumed it was because wrestling is considered a kind of sport. But it was because this is a FOX Sports thing, not the entertainment part, that’s what it means. I do not know what it will impact, but it seems that they see WWE as a sport which is interesting because I do not think they will treat it as such, because if they do … WWE did not use to be treated like a sport. And they are not a sport, they are an entertainment show. ”

Meltzer also noted that FOX Sports may have a hand in the production of SmackDown Live, as it usually does with most sports it covers. Although it is possible that, considering the solvency of WWE, any type of aid is discarded. Another issue would be if the ratings do not take off, which would open the door to changes in the product. We will have to wait until October of next year to find out.


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