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Lucha Underground August 1, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground August 1, 2018 Results

– Daga defeated PJ Black in the first match of the night. Kobra Moon accompanied his boy and was hanging around ringside. Finishing, Daga manages to apply a key blocking the wrist of his rival to take the victory by submission.

After the fight, Drago and Luchasaurus make their appearance to attack PJ Black. Luchasaurus is about to apply the tombstone piledriver but Johnny Mundo and Taya appear to rescue PJ Black. Ricky Mundo intervenes without much success, but PJ Black and Mundo took out Viper from the ring based on punches with kendo sticks. A fight of 4 v. 4 for the next week agreed between Mundo and Moon. If the reptiles win, Mundo will join them. If on the contrary, he wins World Wide Underground, Kobra Moon will have to grant a wish.

The Mack is behind the scenes when Catrina appears by surprise and scares him. Catrina warns him that A Thousand Death is coming for him. Afterward, Catrina talks about The Mack’s cousin and leaves, opening a locker in the locker room containing a skull. The Mack says it’s Big Rick.

The Dragon Azteca Jr performs a promo on his victory of the Gift of the Gods championship and points out that he wants to fight for the Lucha Underground Championship in Ultima Lucha 4.

– The Mack, Son Of Havoc and Killshot defeated The Rabbit Tribe to retain the Trio Championship. Finishing, Son Of Havoc sweeps in the rinside, while The Mack pokes Bad Luck with a bullfrog splash. Killshot finishes the fight getting the victory for the account of three.

– Cage and King Horn defeated Pentagon in a handicap match. The fight was practically dominated by Horn and Cage. Finishing, Horn applies the thrill of the kill, and Cage finishes Pentagon with the drill claw to take the victory by the count of three.

After the fight, Cage grabs a chair and uses it to hit Pentagon Jr. in the head. The scene ends with Cage holding the Lucha Underground Championship.

Before finishing, they show us a scene where Taya and Mundo go to the cave of the reptiles to rescue Drago. The Reptile Tribe appears and dominates the situation, but Taya manages to take a sword and supposedly decapitate Vibora.


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