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Lucha Underground August 8, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground August 8, 2018 Results


Lucha Underground August 8, 2018 Results

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Lucha Underground August 8, 2018 Results

Lucha Underground August 8, 2018 Results of the 9th episode of the fourth season aired on the King Network:

Antonio Cueto is talking on the phone at his desk, talking about the sacrifices of Matanza. Mariposa enters the office and tries to seduce him, to ask for an opportunity for the Gift of the Gods. He also offers money to Cueto, which Antonio considers “the ultimate aphrodisiac,” and says he could not say no to Mariposa.

Antonio Cueto announces to The Rabbit Tribe that one of them will compete tonight against Matanza. Paul London tells Bad Luck that he will be chosen for failing the “White Rabbit”.

– Matanza Cueto defeated Mala Suerte. Mala Suerte took the initiative without being very effective. When it hit or jumped, there were caricature sounds. Quick victory with the Wrath of the Gods to sacrifice Bad Luck to the gods.

– Jack Evans & Joey Ryan defeated Xo Licious & Ivelisse. Dynamic combat and with moments of dominance by both teams. Xo Licious and Jack Evans move with agility and make the most colorful movements. Xo Licious hits Ryan with his butt but he smiles. At the end, Joey Ryan is punished but he is not the legal fighter. Evans defeats Xo with a key, which he does not release for a long time even though the bell has sounded. Ryan tries to convince him but Evans keeps pushing. Ivelisse kicks him out, Ryan goes off arguing with him.

– Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Mariposa to retain the Gift of the Gods Championship. Dragon takes the initiative but Mariposa responds with power, applying a Samoan Drop. Dragon escapes from a Butterfly Effect, and when Mariposa looks for another, the champion surprises her with a pin to take the victory.

Kobra Moon takes the microphone before the main event. He says that Johnny Mundo believes he has the advantage over The Reptile Tribe by killing Vibora, but Kobra has a new servant, one brought from death. Jeremiah Snake! Crane comes back to life as part of The Reptile Tribe.

Johnny Mundo also has a surprise. He does not trust Ricky for this fight because of what another teammate presents: Aerostar.

– Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, Taya, PJ Black & Aerostar) defeated The Reptile Tribe (Kobra Moon, Dagger, Drago & Jeremiah Snake). If Worldwide Underground loses, World must join reptiles. Otherwise, Kobra has to fulfill a wish. Combat with flights from the beginning. Several flights of all kinds to ringside. World charges against all but Dagger, but quickly surpass it. The action is chaotic inside and outside the ring. Finally, Mundo applies the End of the World to Drago. Now Kobra Moon has to fulfill a wish to Johnny Mundo.

“Not so fast, Kobra, as I remember, you owe me a wish,” says Mundo. He will use his wish with someone from his team: Aerostar. Taya and PJ Black do not seem very happy. ” My wish is that you release Drago. A deal is a deal. Get him out! “Johnny yells, Aerostar strips Drago of his chains while Taya yells at Mundo in the ring,” Drago is free! ”

Taya yells at Johnny that he is an idiot, and Mundo replies that only she can fulfill her wish. not Kobra Moon PJ Black takes out a small box from her pants, Mundo asks Taya to marry her and she accepts The Temple applauds while the couple celebrates in the ring

Ricky Mundo is somewhere in the Temple with her doll. He wants Mundo and Taya to be together until death separates them, Ricky and his doll laugh, looking at a mirror to close the episode.


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