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Ayako Hamada Arrested for Stimulants Possession in Japan


Ayako Hamada Arrested for Stimulants Possession in Japan

vbnxwere65hvnvb - Ayako Hamada Arrested for Stimulants Possession in JapanThe Mexican fighter of Japanese descent Ayako Hamada has been arrested in Japan. Hamada is charged with stimulant possession substances without providing further details. This would have caused a very negative situation for Hamada due to the country’s strict anti-drug laws.

Pro Wrestling WAVE has revealed the details in the show held last Tuesday, May 15. After reaching the main event the president of Pro Wrestling WAVE, Tatsuya Takeshi. He has read a tearful statement informing that Hamada had been arrested. While the facts are clarified the company has continued with its policy of definitively ending the Hamada contract distancing itself from it. After that, Pro Wrestling WAVE has apologized to the public and investors included in a press release.

Last Monday, Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling also announced that Homo had returned the World Championship belt, leaving the title vacant. Hamada should have shown up to fight on Sunday, May 13 in Osaka against DASH Chisako but the fight was changed at the last minute. According to Yahoo Sports Japan, Hamada will have informed the company that he was “in poor health” so he could not be in the show. However, the next day, Pro Wrestling WAVE discovered their legal status at the hands of the police.

The detention of Hamada is due to possession of stimulant substances, in violation of the Drug Control Narcotics Act of Japan. The lawyer of the fighter has spoken to Tokyo Sports, stating that it is not a long-term addiction, but rather it is an occasional event that has happened for the first time. At the moment the investigation continues but the harsh laws of Japan against drugs have already cost the careers of other fighters in the country arriving to spend enough years to replenish their situation in some cases. While the situation is being clarified several WAVE fighters like Asuka have publicly shown their support with messages in favor of Hamada.

At 37, Ayako Hamada (daughter of Gran Hamada) continued with an incredible career in an international way. He debuted in Japan in 1998 in Arsion. After that, he continued with a great presence in Mexico and Japan. During a brief stage, she was Champion for Knockouts Couples in TNA Wrestling. In Mexico, she achieved great victories such as the Queen of Queens Championship in AAA. In Japan, she managed to win the maximum championships in companies such as Arison, All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, Gaea Japan, Pro-Wrestling WAVE, and last April, in Sendai Girl’s Pro Wrestling.

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