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Best Upcoming WWE Match in September

Charlotte Flair confirms heel turn during SmackDown Live


Best Upcoming WWE Match in September

We saw a lot of great matches this August. SummerSlam broke the bank at top betting sites like Bookmaker not really, but some unexpected underdogs did cash in. But the 8th month is coming to a close and number nine is on its way.

We don’t know much about the locked-in matches for September, but we do know that things are soon going to come to a head with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Rowan, and Buddy Murphy. That said, the WWE writers really seem to be winging it with this storyline, so who knows. Maybe nothing happens at all … or maybe it ends up being just as random as finding a random Rowan look-alike in locked in a room with a pillowcase on his head …

What we do know is there will be an epic match int he WWE Clash of Champions.

Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

WWE Clash of Champions match will hold two greats: Bayley and Charlotte Flair.

They used to be friends, but those days are long gone. But there is a lot of history now. They clashed in 2017 in an epic battle, where Bayle finally claimed the Women’s Title from ‘The Queen’ on Monday Night Raw. It was a long, heated affair, with both girls taking the upper-hand at various points during the match. But what we saw was amazing. Bayley dished out minutes worth of extreme punishment, but couldn’t seem to finish Charlotte Flair. On multiple occasions, after what would have been and should have been a finishing move, Flair showed enough toughness and resilience to kick out of the pin. Finally, Bayley put Charlotte into a figure-four, using Charlotte’s father’s signature move against her, but she was ranked in the eyes through outside interference and Flair was able to turn the table and get Bayley locked into a horrible, bridged up figure-four … But before she could finish, Sasha Banks came to the rescue with a crutch to the Queen’s throat and Bayley finally got the pin.

Just when we thought that the Queen would get some revenge against Bayley, she was put into the cradle and pinned again by Bayley in the tag team match between Bayley and Beckey Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans.

Bayley also cashed in her Money in the Bank contract a few months ago when the Queen was after a brutal match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Woman’s Title. But, Lacey Evens interfered with a monster ‘Women’s Right’  and Flair was able to get the pin. Then both teamed up on Lynch after the match was over. Just when it looked like they were about to put Becky Lynch in the hospital, the Hugger came rushing in to save the day. After Bayley sent Flair for a horrible, flying kiss to the turnbuckle, Bayley cashed in her MIB contract, climbed to the top rope and elbow dropped an incapacitated Charlotte Flair, becoming the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The early betting odds have Bayley listed as a -110 favourite over Flair for good reason, but with Bayley getting the upper-hand so many times against the Queen, we have to wonder if they won’t flip the script this time around. There is always a ton of interference anytime these two get near each other in the ring, so anything could happen on September 15.

One thing we know for sure is going to be an epic grudge match between two women that hate each one another.


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