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Braun Strowman On What he Felt When They Put him in The Garbage Truck at TLC


Braun Strowman On What he Felt When They Put him in The Garbage Truck at TLC

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WWE Superstar Braun Strowman recently spoke With Spandex Podcast where he talked about how he felt when he was on the compactor of a garbage truck on the PPV of the TLC company and fans who hate him for not having gone through NXT before debuting on the main roster. Here are his most important statements:

What he felt when they put him in the garbage truck at TLC:

“That was actually terrifying. I never thought to myself I was claustrophobic or anything, but being in the back of that and knowing I literally had split seconds to per se get out of the way of the compactor from being crushed, it was a little nerve-wracking.

All these crazy stunts and stuff that I do, the boss pitches a lot of them to me and I don’t really worry that much because I know he would never ask me to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself. At the end of the day, I feel comfortable doing it, because we have an unbelievable special effects team and stunt crew on hand and stuff like that, and safety is the first and foremost thought in their mind when we’re going through all this stuff.”

About fans who see it unfair that he did not go through NXT before debuting on the main roster:

“I think in the fans’ eyes, it was both. I think they were excited, because when I debuted the whole crowd was chanting, “Who are you? Who are you?” So we got that shock value out of basically the people not having a clue who I was, but then at the same time, people hated me for it. “Oh, you skipped NXT, he didn’t pay his dues. He didn’t do this and that.”

Well, a lot of people that are that arguing I didn’t pay my dues, they don’t understand that I traveled around the world competing in strongman competitions. Paying out of my pocket for two of them to fly to all these contests. Paying the entry fees, and stuff like that. I might not have paid my dues wrestling in the indies, but I paid my dues and worked my butt off to get to where I am.

I used to get a little bitter for that and stuff, but I didn’t fault fans, because they don’t know. Fans are blind to certain things and they only want to hear and see what they want to hear, and so I just welcomed those haters with open arms laughing in the back of my mind, knowing that what I was capable of bringing to the table with WWE would just let me do it. While they did, now we’re here, and I think I’ve turned a lot of those naysayers into fans.


Source: Uproxx


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