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Braun Strowman reportedly knee injured, Meiko Satomura to work for WWE in 2019

Braun Strowman reportedly knee injured, Meiko Satomura to work for WWE in 2019


Braun Strowman reportedly knee injured, Meiko Satomura to work for WWE in 2019

If you too were surprised by Braun Strowman’s defeat against Brock Lesnar during Crown Jewel, know that there may be a real justification for the sad spectacle we have witnessed. Indeed, “The Monster among Men” would not be 100% capacity at the time we write these lines. If the WWE has not confirmed anything yet, Strowman may well be hurt.

This injury would affect both of the superstar’s knees. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer recently mentioned the subject, stating that WWE had made a big one by running Strowman at RAW this week, while he was chasing Baron Corbin into the locker room. At Crown Jewel, Meltzer noticed that Strowman had a strange gait when he went down the ramp. This would come from this injury, which could have worsened this Monday.

However, Braun Strowman should not be absent as he must be on the RAW team at Survivor Series on November 18th. Despite his heavy defeat last weekend against Lesnar, Strowman will probably be the one who will take the universal title at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania … at least, that’s what the rumors say.

Meiko Satomura will continue working for WWE in 2019

The Japanese wrestler Meiko Satomura has confirmed that in 2019 she will continue working for WWE. Satomura, 38, took part in the last edition of the Mae Young Classic women’s tournament being eliminated in the semifinals against Toni Storm. Was invited by WWE to attend Evolution and for that reason, many media speculated on a possible recruitment.

It was the wrestler herself who spoke about her future. “The level is completely different, I want to be there, I feel I can not stay in Japan, ” Satomura told Yahoo Japan. “If I have an opportunity, of course, I will cross the ocean to have the match there next year.” Apparently, both parties would have started conversations for Satomura to make sporadic appearances throughout the year, but there is not a full-time contract on the table. The belief is that she would not have accepted a full-time contract either because she has her own business with SENDAI Girls.

One of the reasons why Satomura would return to the United States would be to face Ronda Rousey. She already expressed it in the past and has done it again in these last statements. “I had not seen a fighter who emitted such an aura,” she said. “I want to fight against her at the top, it’s not a dream, it’s a realistic goal.”

Satomura confessed that she enjoyed Evolution a lot and she left her voice during the course of the show. She also expressed her admiration for the fight between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. “My entire body was shaking,” she said.


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