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Bray Wyatt: “I’m going away now.”

Bray Wyatt: "I’m going away now."


Bray Wyatt: “I’m going away now.”

Image Credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt: “I’m going away now.”

Everything about Bray Wyatt is shrouded in mystery. And the events that take place right now are no exception. Or rather, those that do not take place… Because “the Devourer of Worlds” remains absent from the screens since August 13, coinciding with the temporary retirement of Matt Hardy. Now, after rumors of a new push, Wyatt himself writes on Twitter that he is leaving.

The wrestler was not happy that The Wyatt Family was excluded from that recent ranking of the 10 best factions in history. A publication that uses as a supposed argument.

Anyone would say that he leaves the ship, claiming to be undervalued. But we assume that he will soon return with a new faction. This may be the main idea that one gets clear of his words.

However, it would clash with that recent WrestleVotes report. This means that the former WWE Champion receives an individual boost under the technical side as well.

SAnitY is a good option for his return. Eric Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe, for now, represent another case of that “virus” of the main roster which causes successful names to remain in the Neopia once they reach Raw or SmackDown. Wyatt’s addition would help propel the faction. Although with a potential conflict over the leadership of the same (remember that Young, on paper, exercises as such).

In any case, including him within a group would mean a new stone in his way. The bottom line of all those matches of the Wyatt family. And undoubtedly the reason for his alliance with the eldest of the Hardys. For Harper who you can verify has run out of plans after Rowan’s injury. Who was going to say, just two seasons ago, that the only one in the family who seemed to have a solo future was Braun Strowman.


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