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Brock Lesnar beats Daniel Bryan in the WWE Survivor Series main event

Brock Lesnar beats Daniel Bryan in the WWE Survivor Series main event


Brock Lesnar beats Daniel Bryan in the WWE Survivor Series main event

Brock Lesnar beat Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series 2018. It was the main event of the show and one of the most anticipated matches of this PPV. Even though Daniel Bryan stood up, the Universal Champion managed to win by the count of three after applying an F5.

It should be noted that Lesnar started the match completely dominating, throwing Daniel Bryan as if he were a rag doll and applying several German Suplex and Belly to Belly Suplex. Lesnar applied an F5, but he cut the victory by raising his opponent before the count of three. It was a mistake that “The Beast” committed, and is that Daniel Bryan managed to overcome by applying an illegal kick in the lower parts of Lesnar.

The match lasted approximately 15 minutes and Daniel Bryan had the victory very close after connecting two Running Knee and pack his rival with Yes Lock, but Brock Lesnar managed to get out of the pressure to apply the last F5 and take the victory for the account of three.

Survivor Series closed with a score of 6 to 0 in favor of Raw in terms of combats between brands. It should be noted that WWE did not count the results of the combat between Kickoff teams where SmackDown managed to beat Raw with the Usos’ final victory.

This was the other conflicting combat of the night. Brock Lesnar started as a favorite at bookmakers with a share of -300 in his favor. Originally, the fight was going to be between Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles, but “The Phenomenal One” lost the title in the last episode against Daniel Bryan, who made a heel turn and took the belt applying a low blow and the subsequent Running Knee.

It is rumored that the decision to do so before the Survivor Series would have been last minute, possibly due to the injury of Becky Lynch who had managed to capture most of the attention of the public in the face of their match between champions. Lynch was injured on Monday, on Monday Night Raw, so WWE decided to give the title to Daniel Bryan in the last hours to reinforce the expectation of the PPV. All these decisions have had to be made on the fly in recent weeks as the main plan for Survivor Series was to face Roman Reigns against AJ Styles.


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