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Brock Lesnar confirmed for the Post-SummerSlam RAW


Brock Lesnar confirmed for the Post-SummerSlam RAW

Brock Lesnar confirmed for the Post-SummerSlam RAWThe presence of Brock Lesnar with WWE seems to add a few more chapters with the passing of the night. During Monday Night Raw, it was confirmed that the Universal champion will fight in SummerSlam. In addition, it was officially announced its presence in the Raw episode to be held the day after the event on Sunday.

Through a brief statement on Twitter, the official account of the Barclays Center sports hall, where both events will be held on August 19 and 20, 2018, confirmed the presence of “The Beast” in the Post-SummerSlam RAW.

After the confirmation by Paul Heyman before the ultimatum put by the general manager of Raw, it is now known that the former UFC Heavyweight champion will be part of both nights in the city of Brooklyn. In this way, the rumors that announced the last participation of Lesnar in the event on Sunday seem to come to an end.

It should be remembered that Brock Lesnar has a contract with deadlines, and the imminent appearance of the wrestler in the UFC mixed martial arts company could reduce his interest in continuing as part of WWE. This possibility is extended due to the almost confirmed fight of the Universal champion with UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, in the absence of USADA approval, in charge of suspending Lesnar after detecting illegal substances in the anti-doping tests after his confrontation with Mark Hunt in the year 2016.


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