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Brock Lesnar signed a new agreement with WWE until WrestleMania 35

Brock Lesnar signed a new agreement with WWE until WrestleMania 35


Brock Lesnar signed a new agreement with WWE until WrestleMania 35

Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer journalist, has confirmed through his latest newsletter that Brock Lesnar has signed a new agreement with WWE that would keep him linked to the company until WrestleMania 35. According to Meltzer, the previous contract that Lesnar signed expired in Crown Jewel. The plan was for Roman Reigns to defend the Universal Championship and for Brock Lesnar to go to the UFC.

However, due to the departure of Roman Reigns, WWE decided to make a new offer to Lesnar to stay until WrestleMania 35. We do not know to what extent the Universal champion will have the option to appear in UFC, but it is known that the company Mixed martial arts wants him to fight in March, supposedly against Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. WWE likely to give him special permission, as it happened on previous occasions, but the danger of being injured a month before WWE’s great event makes us think that there is no such clause.

All this succession of events caused that WWE decided that Brock Lesnar gained again the Universal title in Crown Jewel. With the departure of Roman Reigns with John Cena absent and without a face to represent the company, the board had no choice but to opt for Brock Lesnar and give him the championship.

It has also been revealed that Vince McMahon began negotiations with Brock Lesnar when he learned about the Roman Reigns problem. The negotiation with Brock Lesnar occurred on October 18, 5 days before Roman Reigns announced his departure on Monday Night Raw. In the agreement, his appearances were agreed, which will be carried out in Survivor Series, possibly in Royal Rumble and also in an indeterminate number of Monday Night Raw shows. There was also talk of superstars who will face Brock Lesnar in this period; Braun Strowman is the man who could face The Beast at WrestleMania, although the options of Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre are not ruled out.


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