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Brock Lesnar will not fight in the UFC until 2019


Brock Lesnar will not fight in the UFC until 2019

vcnbfgh43gf - Brock Lesnar will not fight in the UFC until 2019The WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar,  appeared on UFC 226  last Saturday night facing the new UFC Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier, indicating his return to the company to face the title. After much speculation about a possible confrontation between the two in November at Madison Square Garden, it has finally been confirmed that Lesnar will not be able to fight until 2019.

As confirmed by the US anti-doping agency USADA, Brock Lesnar entered the USADA lists last Tuesday, July 3. However, Lesnar is still suspended for 6 months and four days after his last positive, so according to UFC’s anti-doping policies, the fighter will not be able to compete until January 8, 2019.

During the last two days, there was information that pointed to this possibility, such as the statements of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter specialist journalist, Dave Meltzer, who said he could not fight until 2019 due to the USADA ban. Therefore, any plan that the UFC had for the UFC fighter will have to move for half a year, assuming an important blow to the news of his return. There was the option of a USADA exception for Lesnar, but he already received it in 2016 to compete in UFC 200, after 4 years of retirement.

Brock Lesnar is suspended by USADA after hydroxy-clomiphene samples were detected in his pre-UFC 200 tests. This substance is an anti-estrogen anti-estrogen blocker internationally banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

In January 2017 the punishment for Lesnar, a year of disqualification by USADA and the Nevada Athletic Commission was confirmed, in addition to declaring his victory against Mark Hunt in UFC 200 as “no contest” and paying a fine of $250,000. In the middle of last year it was confirmed that  Lesnar had left the USADA lists,  so his disqualifying time was suspended pending the re-entry of the test lists, while the punishment by the Nevada Commission already expired.

Over the past few months, Brock Lesnar has made efforts to return to the UFC, renegotiating a new contract that would allow him to appear in the Mixed Martial Arts company. His appearance at UFC 226 was announced by WWE on his social networks, highlighting his presence and a possible fight against Cormier in the future.

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