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Brock Lesnar’s situation in UFC – WWE discarded?

Brock Lesnar's situation in UFC - WWE discarded?


Brock Lesnar’s situation in UFC – WWE discarded?

Image Credit: UFC

Brock Lesnar’s situation in UFC – WWE discarded?

We will continue to listen to the name Brock Lesnar and associate it with WWE even though at this moment, the day-to-day life of the 41-year-old veteran is focused on his return to the UFC. And while quietly preparing for a return to the octagon, in the present we bring you an update on Lesnar situation, both in the giant of mixed martial arts as in Professional wrestling.

As for his relationship with WWE, the former Universal Champion is no longer under contract or is in talks with the company and its managers. On his departure, he made it clear that he does not plan to return to the rings in the short term and that his main focus for the next few years will be MMA. That does not mean that he discards work in all that time but he is not expected to return in 2018.

In the meantime, he is already training intensely for what is believed to be his first match in three years. And the special emphasis on that three years because the latest rumors are a potential date for his fight with Daniel Cormier on February 2, 2019, which will be the weekend of the Super Bowl.

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Do not misunderstand, for now, there is nothing more to cling to than what is speculated in the specialized media of the sport and much less is nothing confirmed. However, it will also be quite influential if Cormier will wait until then to put on his gloves or if he does not plan to do so until next year.

If we are guided by the words of the Champion a couple of months ago, his intention is to defend first his Lightweight Championship this year and the Heavyweight next. In that case, his fight against Lesnar would probably be postponed for later.

What we can guarantee is that Lesnar has already received three USADA surprise anti-drug tests last August and has lost a lot of weight and muscle mass with a view to reaching 122 kilos, an even lighter weight than his stage original in UFC. What do you think of Brock Lesnar’s situation at UFC?


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