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Brock Lesnar’s stage in UFC will not be long

Brock Lesnar's stage in UFC will not be long


Brock Lesnar’s stage in UFC will not be long

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Brock Lesnar’s stage in UFC will not be long

In SummerSlam Brock Lesnar lost the Universal Championship at the hands of Roman Reigns and it was expected that the next day he would be in the show of the red mark. Why did not Brock Lesnar appear on Raw?

Originally, Brock Lesnar was scheduled to be part of last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and surprised many when the beast did not appear on the show.

His absence was especially surprising because Lesnar lost his Universal Championship only 24 hours before the show. Then people expected the company to follow the story somehow the next night.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer sheds some light on the situation. According to him, the reason why Brock was not on Raw was that the officers could not find a way to follow the story.

“As far as Lesnar, his WWE contract expires in a few days, He was written out of storylines when Kurt Angle refused to give him his rematch. He was pulled by WWE off the Raw show this past week because nobody could come up with an idea for him that made sense.

“If he was staying, he could destroy everyone, but they weren’t going to have Strowman beat him since he had no matches left and he had no matches to build up. He could go crazy and get suspended or fired, but that doesn’t do WWE any good to put more focus on him when he’s got no date to return.

“Now, He is back training for fighting. He has dropped weight. He is going in with the idea of facing Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title in early 2019.

“But he’s almost sure he’ll come back at some point because at 41 and with limited hitting ability his time in the UFC will not be long, even though the heavyweight division is so weak.”

After losing the title against Reigns It was expected that he would move away from WWE. But with rumors, It is being said that Brock Lesnar would quit WWE after three more appearances to focus on his UFC career.

Many news portals say there is a chance that Brock Lesnar will make another WWE appearance before 2018 ends but the odds are quite the long-shot (8-3) as SummerSlam was meant to mark the end of Lesnar in WWE for the time being. If you’re waiting for him to make a televised appearance, look out for him in the Octagon sometime early next year


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