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Brock Lesnar’s treatment seems to create tension behind the scenes

Brock Lesnar's treatment seems to create tension behind the scenes


Brock Lesnar’s treatment seems to create tension behind the scenes

After his victory lights up Braun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar took back possession of the Universal Championship, left vacant by Roman Reigns sometime before.

Although nothing is still on at this time, Brock Lesnar is not scheduled for the next WWE Pay-Per-View, TLC. Since his title will not be in play at WWE Survivor Series this Sunday, the next defense of “The Beast” should take place at the Royal Rumble. According to current plans of officials, Brock Lesnar should retain his title until, at least, Wrestlemania 35.

Freelance reporter Brad Shepard explained in the last edition of his podcast ” Oh, You Did Not Know ” that Lesnar should have a reign quite similar to the previous one. Still, according to him, Brock Lesnar also has several planned dates after Wrestlemania 35. The WWE Universal Champion does not have “only two dates left to go, he should have a lot more than that,” says Shepard.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports strong backstage footage regarding The Beast.

For years, the WWE has been building Brock Lesnar’s character as strongly as possible to be seen as indestructible and unstoppable. This is clearly not to the taste of most fans, exasperated with the “abusive” use of the champion Universal.

Some behind-the-scenes talent would be frustrated by the use of Lesnar and his booking. The frustration towards him is also justified by his in-ring abilities and by the “little effort” he puts on his matches, always according to these talents. Some Superstars even consider him dangerous because of his German Suplex violently worn.


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