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Charlotte wants to face Ronda Rousey, The Miz’s advice for becoming a WWE Superstar, more


Charlotte wants to face Ronda Rousey, The Miz’s advice for becoming a WWE Superstar, more

Former Smackdown women’s champion has recently spoke to Helen Yee of LVSports Network at the ESPN Sports Humanitarian Awards where he talks about Ronda Rousey. Charlotte discussed Ronda progression in the ring and saying “I hope to get to face her[Ronda] one day.”

On Ronda progression in the ring: “While she’s in Olympia and she’s a natural athlete and I never second guessed her ability. It’s just what we do is very time-consuming. So she’s put in the time, you can tell she has passion and just with every match she continues to get better and that’s what it’s all about. It’s just improving and she wants to earn it and you can see it.”

– The Miz and Maryse have recently interviewed by Larry King of ORA Tv, where The Miz & Maryse discuss how WWE changed the dynamic when it came to women performers in sports and entertainment. The Miz also shares his advice for becoming a WWE Superstar:

The Miz’s advice would you give someone that wants to become WWE Superstars?

“There are so much sacrifices that you have to make to become a WWE superstar, whether it’s relationships, whether it’s injuries, whether it’s, you know, moving, traveling, being away from friends and family and stick with it was the best thing because so many people I watched not stick with it and quit.”

Maryse On why WWE is a powerful workplace for women:

“From my own experience giving women so much more time on television, because you connect with the crowd and people when you have time to tell your story. And that’s it. And they did that and it changed the whole, we talked about the women’s revolution WWE it changed the whole dynamic.”

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit ORA TV with an H/T to WrestlingCulture for the transcription.


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