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Chris Jericho Comments On Neville Quitting WWE


Chris Jericho Comments On Neville Quitting WWE


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During an appearance on Busted Open Radio,Chris Jericho became the name of the latest high profile commenting on Neville’s departure from last week’s WWE Raw. His decision to shock a lot of his fans Jericho said he was not surprised.

“It doesn’t surprise me because I think a guy like Neville, whenever I worked with him we had great matches,” Jericho said. “He reminds me a lot, actually, of working with Chris Benoit in that he’s very hard-hitting, he’s very solid, very graceful and not stiff in the least, just a really innovative, smart worker. I think he wasn’t really getting his shot in the WWE, and the cruiserweight thing is fine but let’s be honest, it is what it is. I think there’s a lot higher potential for a guy like Neville in the ring and also the character.”

Jericho believes that there is a possibility that Neville will succeed anywhere wherever he goes.

“It’s a big step, it’s like walking off the side of a building and being told that there’s a net at the bottom, but you can’t see it,” Jericho said. “So you don’t know for sure if he’s making the right decision as of right now. But talent-wise, character-wise and intelligence-wise, he’s got all three of those things. So he’s not making this decision lightly, and I think wherever he ends up he’ll be probably a bigger star than he was before just by getting a bigger opportunity.”

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