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Crown Jewel About to be Canceled?

Crown Jewel About to be Canceled?


Crown Jewel About to be Canceled?

Following the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, allegedly murdered at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey, WWE finds itself in an awkward position as Crown Jewel approaches on November 2nd. Recall that this show is included in a 10-year deal signed between Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman (directly involved in this assassination) and Vince McMahon’s league. Thus, a lot of money is in the balance and many games to stake are already planned.

However, following this international affair, WWE will have to react more than with a simple statement. Indeed, several members of the US Congress have expressed their concerns about this partnership and some even ask WWE to cancel Crown Jewel outright. Here are some statements by American politicians.

Chris Murphy, Connecticut Senator:
“I hope that the WWE will review its relationship with the kingdom in particular in relation to the events that have unfolded in recent weeks.”

Bob Menendez, Senator from New Jersey:
“Private companies are private companies and are different from a government entity. But because Linda McMahon is part of President Trump’s cabinet, it falls into a kind of gray area where the administration should give its opinion and even prevent them from organizing the event.”

WWE will really have to worry about its image rather than its purse despite the sums put on the table. According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon and his troops would already think of a backup plan.

Thus, the famous WWE World Cup which should be held at Crown Jewel could finally be shifted to Survivor Series on November 18th. It would be the same for the returns of Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels who will also make this pay-per-view if the WWE does not go to Saudi Arabia.

Finally, Bryan Alvarez also said that according to his sources, most of the superstars planned for Crown Jewel would not want to go to Saudi Arabia. However, the officials – they would still like to go there. That could give rise to big tensions in the locker room.


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