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Dana White Confirmed the Return of Brock Lesnar to UFC


Dana White Confirmed the Return of Brock Lesnar to UFC

In the midst of the negotiations that Brock Lesnar had with WWE to renew his contract, the role played by the UFC was to try to twist the balance in favor of the Universal Champion as happened the last time both parties met in a similar instance. At that time, Lesnar renewed his agreement with the promoter with the condition of being able to fight in the octagon.

The contest in question took place at UFC 200, where the Incarnate Beast defeated Mark Hunt. However, a positive doping altered the result leaving it as a “No Contest”. Despite that, the leading mixed martial arts company did not lose interest in Lesnar and was willing to let the former Full Weight Champion fight again.

In the above video UFC president, Dana White officially confirmed on the UFC Fox show that Lesnar will return to the company. However, he clarified that he still does not know with certainty on what date he will do it.

“Yes, Brock Lesnar will come back, I do not know when, but he will.”

Even though his heyday at UFC was a few years ago, Lesnar is still one of the top box office fighters in the sport. It will not be uncommon for the company to try to use it to empower fighters (as he wanted to try it with Jon Jones before his positive doping) and create new stars.



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