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Daniel Bryan Ready For WrestleMania 34


Daniel Bryan Ready For WrestleMania 34

Daniel Bryan Ready For WrestleMania 34

Credit: WWE

Daniel Bryan is a happy man. The medical discharge has made him great and with Wrestlemania 34 around the corner, everything points to Daniel Bryan having his first match in the New Orleans Superdome.

It is Daniel Bryan who starts the show as several specialized media had advanced. Remember the brutal attack last week. Where Shane McMahon was assaulted by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn causing injuries to the former SmackDown Live commissioner. In the same way, he explains that none of the fighters involved in the attack are in the compound tonight.

Then he focuses on another topic. In everything that has suffered since he was forced to retire. He has had a bad time because he left what he loved most. But without a doubt, he has come to the surface, with the help of his friends, and especially Brie Bella. The one that has given him the most strength to keep fighting for a return.

At the moment, Bryan says he does not know when he can climb again. It has no insured date. People point out Wrestlemania. And the fighter, he says, seems like a good idea. That said, Daniel Bryan ends his presence in the ring, and leaves.

Following the departure of Shane McMahon from the SmackDown Live commissioner and the medical discharge of Daniel Bryan, SmackDown now has a power vacuum. It seems that Daniel will return to focus on his career as a fighter and he does not lack suitors for his first fight after retirement.

Dolph Ziggler has already challenged him, saying he does not see the moment to defeat him. Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, told him that he could try, leaving this option in the air.


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