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Daniel Bryan reveals ‘attacker’ of Roman Reigns and fans are not happy!

Roman Reigns


Daniel Bryan reveals ‘attacker’ of Roman Reigns and fans are not happy!

One of the main storylines dominating WWE in recent weeks as been just who was the man behind the attempted attacks on Roman Reigns. In the weeks leading up to SummerSlam, the ‘Big Dog’ was almost squashed by scaffolding and hit by a car within the space of a few days. Was it Buddy Murphy? Was it Daniel Bryan & Rowan? The answer was none of those, for now at least.

It was Bryan that promised Reigns that he would reveal the culprit on this weeks SmackDown Live and he even brought the guilty party into the arena, covering his face and locking him in a room for the duration of the show.

As the show reached the final few minutes fans were eagerly anticipating just who attempted these attacks on Reigns. What they got however, was a very underwhelming and rather hilarious reveal of what appears to be a ‘Rowan twin’. Fans are noticeably frustrated and losing patience with the storyline:

While others are frustrated, there are still a few fans that are still invested in the Reigns/Bryan/Rowan storyline:

And fans have also seen the funny side of the reveal:

It’ll be fascinating to see whether this twin of Rowan actually was the attacker or if it was just a ploy from Bryan and Rowan – who are the most likely ‘real’ attackers – in order to divert Reigns’ attention elsewhere. The only way to find out what happens next will be to tune in to SmackDown Live next week.

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