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Daniel Bryan still yet to sign a new deal with WWE


Daniel Bryan still yet to sign a new deal with WWE

Daniel Bryan still yet to sign a new deal with WWE

Very careful, with the followers of this great star. They could meet with a big surprise in the coming months. And it seems that he will not renew his contract. But, it will not be on their part, but that this situation has been decided by the directive itself. Daniel Bryan is still yet to sign a new deal with WWE.

Undoubtedly, it is one of SmackDown’s big claims and he has recently returned to the fight, after overcoming a long injury. And he has also been former WWE World Champion and has other great titles in the company, being for example Triple Crown Championship and Grand Slam Champion.

Although they are great clues, perhaps you have not been able to find out what a great star it is. Who is in a great position of the blue mark, although at the moment has not opted for any championship. Either the principal or the secondary.

His contract ends next September of this 2018. And at the moment, it seems that WWE does not want to put a renewal agreement on the table. Of course, in the absence of several months, we can not ensure for sure that it will not be finally signed. Daniel himself announced in numerous interviews that if he could not fight in WWE he will leave. But now it’s the other way around, it seems that the company is who wants to get rid of the services of the great fighter.

This information has been given, through PWStream through their official Twitter account. At the moment, WWE has not denied this information. And you, do you think WWE must renew Daniel Bryan?


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