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Daniel Bryan will be Featured in WWE Showcase 2K19

Daniel Bryan will be Featured in WWE Showcase 2K19


Daniel Bryan will be Featured in WWE Showcase 2K19

Photo credit: WWE

Daniel Bryan will be Featured in WWE Showcase 2K19

2K today announced the return of 2K Showcase, a campaign mode focused on the long and illustrious career of dear Daniel Bryan. Relive the most epic moments that have led him to be the WWE Superstar he is today.

The return of Daniel Bryan includes historical scenes from the WWE that put in context the combats that the fans will play. Players will relive outstanding combats of their career and completely true story objectives to unlock game content. Fight for your dream by competing in 11 legendary, goal-based matches and an additional “surprise” fight!

For those who do not know what’s going on, what is 2K Showcase?

2K Showcase is a campaign mode for a WWE 2K player that focuses on a particular era or the rivalry of a WWE Superstar. Includes WWE historical scenes that put context-based combats into a context that players must complete. When these objectives are achieved, cinematic scenes are activated in full combat that recreates historical moments when victory is near. In addition, when completing the objectives are unlocked sands, Superstars, special outfits, and titles. The objective of Showcase is to complete as many objectives as possible to get the unlockable contents, and in passing relive historical and exciting moments of the WWE!

These are some examples of what we will find in Showcase mode:

  • 20 scenes centered on the story, some of them really elaborated.
  • Fans will find eight new entries and 11 new victory scenes.
  • Specifically, Daniel Bryan has four new entries and six new victory scenes. If you ally with Kane to form the “Team Hell No”, a big surprise awaits you.

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