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Dave Meltzer: “Neville is wasting his career”

Dave Meltzer: "Neville is wasting his career"


Dave Meltzer: “Neville is wasting his career”

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Dave Meltzer: “Neville is wasting his career”

There has not been any update on the status of Neville’s contract with WWE since he moved to his home country while waiting for a solution to appear or for the agreement to end. Although a few days ago the fighter reappeared in the network.

In the recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the situation of the “King of Cruiserweight” who has not fought since September 24, when he lost the title. Although his last appearance was on the 25th, to break into the celebration of Enzo Amore.

Meltzer of the WON commented, also indicating that there is no news:

“No updates at all. Neville’s contract is frozen. He has returned to England. I do not mean that he’s wasting his career, it’s a terrible thing to say, but he’s an incredible fighter and it’s a shame he’s not fighting. And I wish he was fighting somewhere. I wish he was happy. I’m sure he can not be happy not to fight. He is too good as a fighter to be happy without a fight . Especially when it’s at its best. “

As we saw in the recent photograph that came to light, Neville stays in shape. And most likely, he’s been fighting at some gym in training sessions. But nothing like competing for real.

H/T to WrestlingCulture for the transcription.

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