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Dean Ambrose in Doubt with the Shield, What’s Gonna Happen?


Dean Ambrose in Doubt with the Shield, What’s Gonna Happen?

It’s been some time since the WWE tease a separation of the Shield including the possibility of attending a heel turn Dean Ambrose. If the trio won the Super Show-Down in the most beautiful way, what happened at RAW on Monday is less than happy. Drew McIntyre pinned “The Lunatic Fringe” (in a three-on-three match) and the latter then left the arena without waiting for his team-mates.

In a quick interview with WWE after the show, Ambrose seemed lost but said he did not know if he still had a place somewhere. This, of course, puts into question his position within the Shield which may well separate again in the coming days.

How long will the company be able to continue stretching this story? Well, according to Bryan Alvarez, until Survivor Series. The problem is whether a new clash against Dogs of War would not be repetitive. Maybe, as Joe Peisich reported, with the addition of Authors of Pain, this is solved.

In any case, we will see what the next step is. And the next stop goes through Crown Jewel. There, the possibilities seem exhausted. Maybe, only a duel for the Intercontinental Championship between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre.

Actually, considering the importance given to Crown Jewel, we should not rule out the change to rude there. And under this creative line, Ambrose going against Rollins for the Intercontinental title looks appropriate. A defeat before his partner will then provoke final frustration and betrayal. However, Roman Reigns will not be present, so to stage the event better, the Raw edition 72 hours later emerges as the best scenario.

In any case, Ambrose with great confidence will follow in the footsteps of Becky Lynch and Braun Strowman. Again, WWE will have a stellar rude cheered by the public.


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