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WWE SmackDown Live December 25, 2018 Results

WWE SmackDown Live December 25, 2018 Results


WWE SmackDown Live December 25, 2018 Results

R-Truth and Carmella are the first to receive the public, dressed as Santa Claus and Christmas elf. R-Truth says he has brought presents for all the good kids on SmackDown Live. Carmella tells him that today they will make a difference since they will celebrate a seven-second carol. Daniel Bryan interrupts them, saying that maybe he can accept to be working in this dirty place today instead of being with his family, but he can not accept that R-Truth is in the ring, and he says that just as he has exposed AJ Styles, will expose the truth about Christmas, and accuses people that their greed and greed in this time has cost immeasurable resources to planet Earth and that in 20 years there will be neither North Pole nor Santa Claus. He mocks R-Truth, telling him that his career has been a disaster, and R-Truth replies that he and Carmella have won the Mixed Match Challenge, so maybe, they end up winning the Royal Rumble by entering last and taking away the Championship to Bryan. Bryan asks how he plans to win the Royal Rumble if he does not even know how to count to 30, and Truth starts counting to seven, to start a new dance interval. Daniel attacks him from behind, attacking his legs, and retires triumphantly.

– Mustafa Ali defeated Andrade Cien Almas. Ali got the victory by applying a 054 to “The Idol” in what was described as a very good fight by the fans present.

– Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and The Usos beat The Bar and SAnitY in an 8-man tag team match. During the last moments of the fight, Karl Anderson applied the Magic Killer to Cesaro to achieve victory. The meeting featured The New Day on the panel commentators, dressed according to the holiday season.


– The Miz introduces Miz TV and presents its guest Shane McMahon. Introduce your guest, Shane McMahon, ask if he saw their match in pairs last week, and tell the next changes in WWE now that the McMahon family is in charge. Shane tells about new fighters and new opportunities coming, and Miz recognizes Shane’s accomplishments, saying that while RAW suffered from Baron Corbin they had good management from Paige. He tells her that now that there are four people in charge, Shane may have a little more time to join him in becoming his partner and become the best pair of fighters in the world. Miz tells her that her idea of becoming a team is not because she is a bootleg, but to finally get her father’s approval, which she has never had in spite of all her accomplishments. But when his father saw Shane McMahon win the World’s Best Wrestler trophy at Crown Jewel, he said there is no one better than Shane, so Miz sees this chance as a way to finally be able to please his father. Miz adds that if Shane respects his family’s new vision of empowering the audience, they will decide. The audience begins to applaud, and Shane accepts, shaking hands with Miz.

Rusev together with Lana, says that today is not only Christmas, but also his birthday, but unlike a common party, he will be the one to bring a gift, by giving the WWE Universe a new United States Champion, making this one, the most complete Rusev Day of all.

– Samoa Joe beats Jeff Hardy via disqualification after the referee’s ten counts with Hardy in ringside. After the fight, Joe continued to attack Jeff with the Coquina Clutch.

– Rusev defeats Shinsuke Nakamura and becomes United States champion. In what was the last match of the night, the Bulgarian applied his Jumping Side Kick to get the victory, and in this way, enter his third reign as a bearer of that title.

The Bulgarian celebrates with Lana in the ring, while AJ Styles is backstage with Vince McMahon, who asks him why, if this is his show, it is Daniel Bryan. Vince says he knows very well what happens to AJ, and says he has a black hole in his heart, and that there is an anger, an animal, inside him that is driving him crazy. He tells him that if only he had the guts to face anyone, and was terrorizing the entire wardrobe, no one could stop him. He gives him a blow and tells him that he wants to see that animal inside. AJ gives him a tremendous blow, sending him to the ground. Production separates them, and AJ withdraws. Vince smiles devilishly.


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