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First Details on WWE Tryouts in Saudi Arabia


First Details on WWE Tryouts in Saudi Arabia

WWE is already in Saudi Arabia. In the face of next week’s big event, The Greatest Royal Rumble, company officials have traveled to the city of Jeddah. This stay has been used to hold a seminar and a tryout (access tests) in Saudi Arabia, the first in the history of the country.

The activities have taken place at the King Abdullah Sports City Sports Hall. The head of the WWE Performance Center Matt Bloom is in charge. The expedition is accompanied by his assistant Johnny Moss and the NXT fighters Tucker Knight and Dan Matha.

The company is very happy with the result of these tests. WWE Vice President of Talent Development Canyon Ceman has spoken about it to WWE:

“WWE’s short-term goal is to find a talent from Saudi Arabia to represent this country at The Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27. Our long-term goal is to hire talent from Saudi Arabia to train at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, so they can inspire young people in Saudi Arabia through skills and sports-entertainment. ”

During the first day of testing, WWE has embraced all types of talent. Among them, the company has highlighted the following:

  • Talal Bawazer. 26 years old. Winner of championships in boxing, kickboxing, aikido and Mixed Martial Arts.
    Khalid Alotaibi. Experience in bodybuilding, American football and swimming.
  • Meshel Aiman Hijazi. 26 years old. Volleyball and soccer player and participant of bodybuilding tournaments.
  • Asaad Omar Al Shareef. 23 years old. Expert in Greco-roman wrestling and amateur freestyle wrestling.

WWE will continue with its days during the next three days. Matt Bloom has reflected his satisfaction on Twitter and looks forward to the second day of the tryout. Bloom hopes that some talents will begin to distance themselves and stand out above the rest.


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