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Disney, Interested in Buying WWE


Disney, Interested in Buying WWE

WWE Disney dgdfgfd - Disney, Interested in Buying WWE

In the last edition of Wrestling Observer newsletter, we have learned that Disney (A mass media company) would be interested in buying a large percentage of WWE shares. The news has begun to run like wildfire through the network, and is that the American giant has made major media movements in recent years, such as the purchase of Lucasfilm and the launch of the new trilogy of “Star Wars”.

According to journalist Dave Meltzer, this would be the main reason why Vince McMahon sold his shares a few weeks ago. The WWE chairman would be investing capital in the company Alpha Entertainment with the intention of exploring investment opportunities in sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football.

And not only Disney wants to buy the company to continue with the project and introduce new features. Apparently, the company wants to use mythical characters like The Undertaker, Kane or The Ultimate Warrior to take them to the world of cinema. It has also come to speculate with the appearance of John Cena in the latest installment of “Star Wars”, which will debut in December 2019.

Recall that Disney was already interested in the world of wrestling a few years ago. According to Paul Heyman, Disney was interested in buying 49% of the shares of ECW but the negotiation stopped when he made it a condition not to make changes in the style of the product. Undoubtedly, if carried out, it would be the news of the year because such a movement could change the course of the history of professional wrestling forever.


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