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Dragon Gate: Dead or Alive 2018 matches, card, date


Dragon Gate: Dead or Alive 2018 matches, card, date

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Dragon Gate will celebrate next Sunday, May 6, one of its most outstanding events of the year, Dead or Alive 2018. The show will be performed from the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, in Aichi, and can be seen live through the official platform of the company, Dragon Gate Network.

For the show, Dragon Gate has prepared several interesting encounters. On the one hand, Yosuke Santa María will challenge the Open the Dream Gate Championship. In the last show at Korakuen Hall, Dragon Kid was crowned champion after winning the tournament for the seat vacancy. After that Santa María appeared, who had several shows taking center stage and asking for an opportunity to prove his worth. Santa Maria kissed Kid and asked for a meeting, which Kid accepted reluctantly.

As for the Open the Twin Gate Championships, the youngsters of MaxiMuM, Big R Shimizu and Ben-K will go against the champions, Eita and T-Hawk. After the frustrated attempt of both to win the Championship Open the Dream Gate, Shimizu proposed that they do not stop there and that they would go for the belts in pairs. T-Hawk reluctantly agreed, pointing out that they are not a real team like Éita and him.

For his part, Kzy and his group will challenge MaxiMuM for the Open Triangle Gate Championships. After the constitution of the independent group of Kzy on April 6. Kzy announced that they would go for the thirds belts. Masato Yoshino accepted the challenge to prove they are the best.

In the main event, there will be a traditional Dead or Alive combat in a cage, a 7-way fight between Masaaki Mochizuki, YAMATO, Ryo Saito, Punch Tominaga, The Lindaman, Shingo Takagi and Yasushi Kanda. The fight was planned on March 18 culminating the rivalries between several fighters and continuing others as the internal duel in Antias with the attacks of The Lindaman and Kanda against Takagi. Meanwhile, MaxiMuM and Tribe Vanguard have formed an alliance to help each other and eliminate the fighters of Antias their common rival.

Remember the rules of the fight: 7 fighters start in the Jayla and there are 5 banners hanging from the structure. After 10 minutes, the fighters can escape by capturing any of the flags. The two fighters who will have to compete in a limit match to 5 minutes. The loser should shave his head. In the event, that time expires without a winner both must be shaved.

Additionally, each team will have an opportunity to intervene in the fight whenever they want to prevent someone from escaping or helping a partner with ropes and ladders. After the 10 minute period has elapsed, the teams will rotate at 5-minute intervals to be able to intervene. Each team has only one interval available in the fight in which they can intervene after they spend their 5 minutes they will not be able to do anything. The shifts will be the following:

  • Antias (between the minute 10 to the 15th)
  • Independent (between the minute 15 to 20)
  • MaxiMuM (between minute 20 to 25)
  • Kzy’s team (between the minute 25 to the 30th)
  • Over Generation (between 30 minutes to 35 minutes)
  • Tribe Vanguard (between 35 to 40 minutes)

It should be added that Takagi added as a condition that if he escaped from the cage, he would be allowed to vacate the Owarai Gate Open Championship, which was granted by General Manager Yagi.

below is the list of all matches:

1. Over Generation (Gamma, Mondai Ryu, Kaito Ishida) with Shun Skywalker vs. Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk and UT) with Hyo Watanabe and Yuki Yoshioka

2. K-Ness vs. Don Fujii vs. “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa

3. Kagetora vs. Takashi Yoshida

4. Open the Brave Gate Championship: Dragon Kid (c) vs. Yosuke Santa María

5. Open the Twin Gate Championship: Antias (Eita and T-Hawk) (c) vs. MaxiMuM (Big R Shimizu and Ben-K)

6. Open the Triangle Gate Championship: MaxiMuM (Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino and Jason Lee) (c) vs. Kzy, Genki Horiguchi and Susumu Yokosuka

7. Hair vs. Hair – Dead or Alive Steel Cage Survival 7-Way: Masaaki Mochizuki Vs. YAMATO vs. Ryo Saito vs. Punch Tominaga vs. The Lindaman vs. Shingo Takagi vs. Yasushi Kanda


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