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Drew McIntyre’s journey deserved a Royal Rumble win this year


Drew McIntyre’s journey deserved a Royal Rumble win this year

Royal Rumble wins are always special. But the manner in which Drew McIntyre’s win came, it was a remarkable moment for an athlete who is still 34 and perhaps, is yet to reach the peak of his powers. And from where he has come from- enduring the troughs and peaks of the wrestling career, his Royal Rumble triumph made it emotional viewing. Fans could have taken advantage of the best free spins no deposit today offers that were floating around and truly cashed in.

The Scot has gone through different brands- be it TNA, ICW, WWE and Defiant, but he was never ‘the’ man. He was only one of the men in the brands and never the athlete that the whole brands could revolve around. If there were times like that, they were rather fleeting memories in a large space.

During his time at Danish Pro Wrestling, McIntyre was the brand’s World Championship on one occasion. At Evolve following that, he did win multiple championships but only one of them was a signification of him being ‘the guy’. The stint at WWE’s former developmental company FCW was much more fruitful, leading to him to win one World Championship and two tag team titles. Casoola is the latest casino in the UK to be backing McIntyre’s return to the big-time.

About 12 years ago, Drew McIntyre had stepped into the WWE ring as Vince McMohan’s ‘Chosen One’. He was given the tag of being Vince’s handpicked man who could rise to the very top of the pyramid quickly. The man from Ayr was being tipped for big things in an era that had practically seen the business head towards a downward trend.

But after being poorly used, McIntyre couldn’t cut it in the WWE. He never got near the top guys in the business, falling away till going back in the Independent scene once again. The power-hitter had spells in multiple British companies and all of them were short spells.

Just when his career seemed to be fading into anonymity like many others in the past, TNA came calling in 2015. He witnessed a steady rise in the company, mingling with the big boys like Ethan Carter and Matt Hardy in TNA World title match. It was by beating the elder Hardy that McIntyre- then operating under his original name Drew Galloway, won the title for the first time.

It was by beating Jeff Hardy that McIntyre established himself as a top star in the company. Jeff had acquired the status of being TNA’s most popular star and the win over him was a huge lift. While he did lose the Title to Lashley, but his glaze didn’t fade.

Like the Hardy Boys, McIntyre too left TNA in the spring of 2017. While his return wasn’t as sensational as that of the brothers, but the Ayr-born Rangers FC fan would step up gears through NXT before finally coming into the main roster once again.

While being a heel for a vast majority of time, Drew worked with Dolph Ziggler to form an alliance that later broke. He could never be allowed to be as big a star as the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan. He could be a step below them, losing to the Undertaker and Reigns in an Extreme Rules tag team match with Shane McMahon.

Despite Vince’s likeness for the heavy-hitting and powerful giants, McIntyre was always a level below what he was initially seen to be by Vince himself.

The win at the Royal Rumble shows that maybe, Vince had a plan for him all along. At some point, he was bound to win the big thing and get all the attention he deserves. As his former entrance said- ‘I hear Broken dreams, I make them come true’, it hasn’t been the case for Drew. Just when it seemed as though his career might seep towards a broken promise, it has come alive.


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