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ECW One Night Stand 2005 Classic PPV Review


ECW One Night Stand 2005 Classic PPV Review

Hello and welcome to the first of many classic Pay Per View Reviews from me. I will be reviewing old WWF/E , WCW and ECW PPVs from the all Eras. Each PPV that I will be reviewing will be a first time watch and will all be PPVs I know little to nothing about to make it more interesting. How I will be doing these reviews is like this: I will tell say what match I am watching as I am writing this as I watch it, I will mention my favourite spots and wrap it all up with a review of the match with my own Meltzer like star rating.

So the first PPV I am reviewing is ECW: One Night Stand 2005. The PPV starts out with Joey Styles in the ring cutting a promo welcoming everyone to the event. After the crowd finishes chanting ECDub Joey welcomes Mick Foley to the ring and the crowd popped hard for the Hardcore Legend.
Our first match of the night is Lance Storm taking on ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho who is in his Lionheart persona which he used in the original ECW. The crowd was very behind Jericho for most of the match. My favourite spot of the match was when Storm went for a Moonsault like maneuver off the top rop but Jericho caught him with a dropkick to the back. The match is very technical based which I quite enjoy. There was a fantastic spot where Storm caught Jericho with a Superkick out of nowhere and had a very nearfall. The crowd randomly started chanting fuck John Cena midway through which put a smile on my face. There was a lovely spot where Storm locked a single leg crab on Jericho and Jericho proceeded to turn it into a Walls of Jericho. The match ended in a Walls of Jericho with Storm tapping while Don Marie I believe her name is was distracting the referee and Justincredible and somebody else attacked Jericho with a Kendo Stick letting Storm get a three count. Overall I enjoyed the match and was initially going to give it a 4 stars but the ending wasn’t amazing which makes it 3 and a half stars. Overall a very good start to the PPV.

The next match on the card is a three way dance between Tajiri, Little Guido and Super Crazy. So from my understanding this match type begins as a regular triple threat with elimination rules. Guido goes straight after Super Crazy but is unsuccessful being thrown straight out of the ring. While last match was technical based this match is Lucha libre style. My favourite spot of the whole match is Super Crazy hitting an amazing Moonsault of the balcony onto the entirety of the F.B.I. Little Guido gets eliminated after a avalanche stunner from Mikey Whipreck. Super Crazy attempts a powerbomb on Tajiri which is reversed into a tornado DDT which is a spectacular spot. The match ends with a Powerbomb into a Moonsault by Super Crazy onto Tajiri. Personally I thought this was an amazing match but I wish it lasted a lot longer. I give that match a 4 star rating.

Our next bout is Psicosis taking on Rey Mysterio in an Extreme Luchadore match. This match surprisingly has a mix of technical wrestling and lucha libre. My favourite spot of the entire match so far is when Psicosis placed Mysterio on the steel barrier went up top and hit a lovely leg drop onto Rey. Rey Mysterio threw Psicosis into the crowd and Psicosis landed on two fans and Mysterio went up top and hit a leg drop on Psicosis. The ending was with a 619 into a Hurricanrana. Initially, I wasn’t impressed by this match but half way through the match saved the match for me. Overall an impressive match especially near the end 3 stars.

The next match on the card is Sabu going against Rhyno after an emotional RVD promo got interrupted by Rhyno. The best spot so far into the match was when Sabu threw Rhyno out of the ring and hit a springboard dive off a chair onto the manbeast. This match features many chair shots to the head and each of them concerns me about each wrestlers health. The match ends with the most dangerous spot of the whole match. RVD holds Rhynos head ontop of a table and Sabu goes uptop and does a diving Legdrop with a chair. That match was great but had some nasty spots. 4 and a half stars.

The next match on the card is Chris Benoit taking on Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. As you can predict with these two this is a technical wrestling classic so far. Eddies nose is covered in blood and I’m only a small bit into the match. Eddie has done about 100 chops to the chest. Crowd are chanting Fuck You Bischoff because Eric is in the crowd which is quite entertaining. Eddie slammed Chris’s head into a steel chair which probably helped towards Benoits future actions. Each superstar is trading chops with one another. Near fall after a Northern Lights suplex from Benoit. Benoit bringing Eddie to suplex city. Chris Benoit hitting a diving headbutt and Eddie kicked out at 2. Benoit turned a rollup into a crippling Crossface centre of the ring and Guerrero taps. That was an amazing match 4 and a half stars.

Next up Mike Awesome takes on Masato Tanaka. Personally I am unaware of either of them and straight after Benoit/Guerrero this better impress me if it wants a good star rating. Instant suicide dive from Mike Awesome. Joey Styles wishing death upon Mike Awesome on commentary is quite entertaining. More chair shots to the head my favourite. Best spot so far Powerbomb from the apron by Mike Awesome onto a table. Major near fall after an Awesome Splash. This match is impressing me so far. 3 headshots with a chair from Awesome and Tanaka still stands. Tanka hits a brutal conchairto and then does a flying conchairto and Awesome still kicks out. The amount of headshots in this match is sickening. Tanaka turns a Superplex into a tornado DDT through a table AND AWESOME STILL KICKS OUT. Avalanche Awesome Bomb through the already broken table and TANAKA KICKS OUT. Awesome bomb over the top rope through a table to secure Mike Awesome the victory. What a match that was, I was expecting this to be awful 4 and a half stars.

Paul Heyman making his way to the ring is it time for the infamous promo? Paul Heyman is the most over person in the whole event so far. The crowd are chanting Thank You Paul. It is so weird seeing Paul Heyman with long hair. “I would like you to know I am not crying, my eyes are red because I was backstage smoking a joint with Van Dam” is the best line I have ever best line I have heard this whole PPV. Paul Heyman is slaughtering Eric Bischoff and I’m enjoying every second of this. Now he is calling out Edge because of the Matt Hardy dilemma I’m dying. Paul Heyman is excellent. Paul Heyman shooting on a highly drunken JBL is great. “The only reason you were WWE Champion for a year is because Triple H didn’t want to work Tuesdays” THIS IS SUCH GOOD SHIT DAMMIT. That is Paul Heymans best ever promo and nobody can say otherwise.

And now onto our main event The Dudley Boyz are taking on Tommy Dreamer and Sandman. The match hasn’t even started and I know this will be brutal. How is Sandman already bleeding??? I don’t know which entrance is longer Undertaker at SuperShowdown ’20 or Sandman ONS ’05. why is the B.W.O. here lmaoo. The second Sandman enters the ring they ruin it haha. Is this a three way tag?. I just give up questioning what is going on. There is like 5 separate teams here what is even happening? Kid Kash diving onto 5 or 6 people at once. The match has finally began thank god. JESUS CHRIST BUBBA RAY IS USING A CHEESE GRATER ON DREAMERS FACE. Dreamer is covered in blood. Bubba is also covered in blood. TOMMY DREAMER SINKING THE CHEESE GRATER INTO THE HEAD OF BUBBA. This is the most brutal match I have ever seen in my whole damn life. D-Von hits Bubba with a kendo stick and Russian Legsweep with the assist from the kendo stick. The Impact Players interrupting the match. Tommy’s face is covered in blood. Double DDT from Dreamer and I’m presuming to be his wife to the Dudley’s and a nearfall. JESUS CHRIST TOMMY CRUSHED D-VONS BALLS. The Dudleys have a table. Powerbomb through the table and Sandman kicks out. 3D and they aren’t pinning Dreamer they are getting another table. I forgot Spike Dudley was signed in 2005. OH GOD, THE TABLE IS ON FIRE. POWERBOMB THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE HOW IS DREAMER NOT DEAD. The Dudleys win. What a match 5 star classic that was amazing.

STONE COLD STONE COLD STONE COLD. The entire locker room is in the ring what a sight to behold. Austin is calling out everyone and its great. ITS TAZ ITS TAZ ITS TAZ. RAW AND SMACKDOWN VS ECW THIS IS GREAT. THIS IS A WAR. ECW soloed RAW and SDL. Austin stole JBLs hat lmao. MICK FOLEY IS BRINGING BISCHOFF TO HIS DEATH. 3D TO BISCHOFF. Austin telling Benoit to kill Bischoff hasn’t really aged all too well. STUNNER. Beer for everyone. The Dudleys are carrying Bischoff out of the arena and I’m loving this.

That was an excellent Pay Per View and I am excited to watch the ’06 ONS. As somebody who never watched classic ECW prior to this, I gotta say besides the headshots with chairs I loved that. That is a 5 star PPV and you definitely need to watch it if you haven’t already.


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