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Finn Bálor On Facing Jeff Hardy, Creating Another Alter Ego


Finn Bálor On Facing Jeff Hardy, Creating Another Alter Ego

Former WWE Universal Champion Finn Bálor appeared in the last episode of the program Table For 3 broadcast by WWE Network. In the broadcast, he sat down with the Hardy Boyz, Matt, and Jeff, of whom he spoke to be his inspiration to create his alter ego in professional wrestling. Below is the transcript of his most important statements:

On becoming The Demon:

“not planned, but I remember walking to the ring almost weak and thinking: ‘Why the hell am I tired?’ It was as if the painting had taken control and changed the direction in which your mind intends to go. “

On creating another alter ego:

“Obviously, seeing the Hardyz evolve over the past 25 years inspires me to continue to evolve my character, and I’m quite happy with how I’m doing now, but I’m always striving to create something new, and I think my biggest goal in the next five or ten years will be to create another alter ego as we all have “.

On facing Jeff Hardy:

“I’ve heard it a lot, uncle, and it seems that people are expecting to see us both as ‘The Enigma and The Demon in a ring at the same time’ with our faces painted, and with a bit of luck, it will be inevitable, so we’ll see”.


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