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Former US Rugby Captain Todd Clever Turns to WWE


Former US Rugby Captain Todd Clever Turns to WWE

Todd mvasjmash34shhje - Former US Rugby Captain Todd Clever Turns to WWEThe CNN news portal interviewed the star and player of the US rugby team Todd Clever. Mentioning his interest in a possible career in WWE given his experience in the Performance Center a few months ago at the invitation of the company.

“Once I retired, I guess they caught wind or something happened I got calls and another invite.

“That’s my whole thing. You don’t want to have any regrets in life, from missing out on experiences. That’s why I’m always saying yes to going on social rugby tours now, even if it costs me money now. I still have a blast doing it.
“So when this happened, I didn’t want to miss out on anything, so I said yeah, and I went out there for a week. I absolutely loved my time there in Orlando, Florida. It was brilliant. Their high performance center was top-notch and I really felt at home.

“I think WWE is all about hitting new markets and the entertainment side. So crossover athletes are nothing new for them. They’ve had guys from the NBA or NFL and obviously with the growth and rise of rugby — in the States, sure, but overseas as well — they want to tap into the market.”

It is worth mentioning that WWE approached Clever two years ago when he was still the captain of the national rugby team of the United States but he himself rejected the proposal. Then they returned to contact him in February of this year being invited to perform some tests in the WWE Performance Center.


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