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Former wrestler and coach Jose Lothario dies

Former wrestler and coach Jose Lothario dies


Former wrestler and coach Jose Lothario dies

WWE has informed through a press release that the former wrestler and coach Jose Lothario has died at 83 years. Despite never having won a Championship authorized by the WWE or competed in WrestleMania, Jose Lothario, born in Guadalupe Robledo on December 12, 1934, is known by the Universe of the WWE for having trained Shawn Michaels.

Lothario was a reference to HBK since its inception; He helped find his name as fighter “Shawn Michaels” and was the person who taught him to find his final maneuver, currently known as Sweet Chin Music. He was also the person who accompanied him in the fight against Bret “The Hitman” Hart of Wrestlemania XII, where HBK got the WWE Championship for the first time by winning the legendary Iron Man that took place in the show’s main event.

“I think all the kids who lived in Texas knew who Joseph Lothario was,” Michaels told WWE Magazine in 1996. “I first saw him on TV when he was 12. He was the first superstar to appear on my screen. a legend in San Antonio, Cuba, Mexico … almost everywhere! “

Lothario is known for that, but above all for having been one of the most important figures of NWA. He helped introduce popular styles of Mexican wrestling to the sports entertainment scene in the United States. The fans knew him as “Sock Sock”, a nickname that recognized the blows that Lothario used to share during his past experiences in boxing.


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