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Full Details About Lucha Underground Season 4


Full Details About Lucha Underground Season 4

Details About Lucha Underground Season 4


A few days after starting the taping of its fourth season. more information has emerged regarding the plans for the next episodes of the Lucha Underground. the executive producer Chris DeJoseph offered the majority during an interview with The Wrestling Guy’s Store Podcast.

One of the topics discussed was the change of venue for the taping which will see a renovated temple. DeJoseph commented on this saying that although the goal was always to find an enclosure with the greater capacity they ended up being discarded by the chosen one because of its visual aspect and the possibilities that it opened to them. this despite having a capacity similar to the previous set of taping. Likewise, a new ticketing system will be used to enter the venue which is expected to allow faster access and prevent those who attend from not spending hours queuing outside. In the same way, it was clarified that in the first episode the change of location will be explained.

According to DeJoseph, this new season of the show will have the themes of “rebirth” and “sacrifice”. In addition, the producer trusts that although this time they will shoot a smaller number of cinematic scenes and stylized vignettes characteristic of Lucha Underground. these will be used more efficiently so that it does not affect the quality of the show.

On the talents to participate, it was officially confirmed that Phoenix (King Phoenix) and Pentagon Dark (Penta Zero M) will be back, while the status of Sexy Star will remain at least in DeJoseph’s words without being revealed. On the other hand, he hopes that 5 talents make their debut in the first weekend of taping. Some talents that so far have not publicly declared that they will be participating in the first weekend of taping are Angelic, Son of Madness, Butterfly, Pindar, Dante Fox and Catrina.

Out of the aforementioned talents, the vast majority of roster members have commented that they will be back this season. It is expected that the fourth season of Lucha Underground will be aired this year through El Rey Network for the highest month while the third season is still waiting for its publication on the Netflix platform.


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