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Goldberg on His Backstage Power in WCW


Goldberg on His Backstage Power in WCW

2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Bill Goldberg was recently a guest on The Steve Austin Show. This time, Goldberg shoots on his backstage power in WCW, and on almost never using it to take advantage.

“How did the, the politics of WCW bowed with you because,
well, it was different, but I never, I never took advantage of my worth at WCW when I knew it because except for at the end”

“I never used it. You asked originally about politics. I had a lot of
power, quote unquote in WCW at one point, but I always, in
that case, I’m not fucking babyface and bullshit. You know me
by now, I’ll always felt bad about guys who had been in the
business for 20 fucking years and her jumping off a building for
20 bucks and here comes Goldberg six months into the business
and I got the fucking belt and I’m making whatever. Okay.”

You know, if you hit me with a, if you shot me with a howitzer
and put Ray Mysterio on top of me and counted one, two, three,
I’m all good with that. But if you did something illogical than I,
then then that’s when I’d say something, then that’s when I put
my foot down because I believed that if you’re building this
monster than logic, I don’t know the wrestling business, but la
just kinda going to tell me that if you put chinks in his armor
along the way in a goofy citier, richele way, then the means the
product. And you might as well have not built it in the first

Note: Please credit The Steve Austin Show with a H/T to WrestlingCulture for the transcription.


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