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The Great Khali: WWE has Failed in India


The Great Khali: WWE has Failed in India

The Great Khali warns WWE of its ruling in India

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The former WWE champion The Great Khali has given to speak in his statements to The New Indian Express. Where he has tackled, the moment that WWE goes through India, his native country. Eye, that the fighter has said that the company has failed in India.

WWE has failed in India. They thought they would use The Great Khali completely, and then they would throw him away. I was struggling for a long time to leave WWE, but they offered me a new contract. In 2014, I decided to leave and not return. Although it is true that I returned. Then I went back and opened CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment) in Punjab. “


About trying to change the mentality of local athletes: “The future of the fight is very bright and it can be better. If it is handled in a better way if a coach is provided or a better base is provided. The mentality of Indian sportsmen is very weak. Many of them depend on drugs: they feel that drug use will help improve their performance and help them obtain a medal. They get too much love after winning a medal they forget to concentrate on sports. “


WWE’s last attempt to expand through India

Without a doubt, the last attempt of expansion by the country has been a little failure. Totally in accordance with Khali’s words. Despite having a local fighter on the undercard as a champion, they were not able to sell tickets for two shows. They also had to put together both shows in a single day. Finally, Mahal has lost his push, and they have not managed to build the empire he wanted.

Even with a partial return for a day of The Great Khali they did not improve the sales data. Will we see Khali again in WWE to try a new expansion for India.


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