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The Greatest Royal Rumble Will Be the Longest Match in WWE history


The Greatest Royal Rumble Will Be the Longest Match in WWE history

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WWE has already made clear that its agreement with Saudi Arabia is a unique opportunity, and therefore, with Greatest Royal Rumble there will be no attempt to break the tradition of a single annual Royal Rumble. And equally, the number of participants will not be the usual 30, but 50, in a philosophy of “the bigger the better” that is an obvious link between the US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And maybe the company wants to break another bar and beat a new milestone. Mike Johnson, under yesterday’s edition of PWInsider Elite, pointed out that the minimum duration for this colossal field will be about 98 minutes, only with the ring entries of the superstars. Therefore, it means that added to what happens until the end of the match, it will become one of the longest matches in WWE history.

“We may end up seeing a match that lasts as long as the Gauntlet Match that took place a couple of months ago. Maybe we’ll see the longest match in WWE history. ”

In fact, it seems easy to exceed the said Gauntlet, which ran for 106 minutes: it will only take 9 extra minutes for the 98 that Johson estimated to have as a minimum.

That encounter, which was played under the Monday Night Raw edition of 02/19/2018, featured the final triumph of Braun Strowman, although the moral winner was Seth Rollins, who became the wrestler with the largest number of minutes in a row. fight of the red mark (65) ahead of Triple H and Chris Benoit, protagonists of an Iron Man of 60 in 2004.

Will this Campal arrive at two hours? We recently learned that the event in its entirety will extend until almost six which will leave almost four for the rest of the poster, remember, contemplates nine other disputes. Several of them should ostensibly reduce their size, let’s hope there are not too many “sacrificed”. A sign perhaps that the Coffin Fight between The Undertaker and Rusev will be short, like that of John Cena and HHH.

In short, everything ready to break records under the protection of the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah.


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